Most newspaper publishers in the U.S. use MiraSERT, our integrated controls and software system that lets customers save money and improve planning, post-press production and distribution efficiencies. There have been over 400 installations to date.

In addition to the industry-standard MiraSERT system, we offer these standalone and cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) products, which can be implemented separately but are designed to work together as one seamless system.

We pride ourselves in our full line of solutions, if you have a need, chances are that we have a solution! See the below list of common customer needs married with the ideal NewsWorx solution:


• Integrated controls and software system – MiraSERT

• Insert production, planning and scheduling – MiraPACKAGE

• Insert tracking and inventory – MiraSTORE

• Inkjet printing head and controller – MiraJET

• Inline address label printing system – MiraLABEL

• Bundle distribution/loading dock automation system – MiraDOCK

• Bundle or skid labeling system – MiraWRAP

• Barcode verification system – MiraSCAN

• Stacker interface modules – MiraBUNDLE

• Stacker sortation system – MiraSORT

• Gripper control upgrade – MiraGRIP

• Interface to zone ad-note applicators – MiraAPPLY

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