MiraBOOST is our integrated controls and software Manufacturing Execution System (MES) – tailored to your installation and expandable

MiraBOOST provides internet-based remote monitoring, real-time reporting, and advanced data collection capabilities so you can measure the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of specific machines, fully automated lines, or even multiple plants. MiraBOOST focuses on machine synchronization, maintenance scheduling, line efficiency, lost downtime – caused by machine stoppages or running out of packaging materials, and more.

Optional modules allow you to control upstream and downstream equipment, and easily capture employee, location, and other identifying information using barcodes and badge readers. MiraBOOST is flexible so you can incorporate your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) into optimization calculations made with the data it captures.

MiraBOOST Features & Benefits

  • Optimizes performance on all your lines.
  • Increases line speed.
  • Improves quality and efficiency.
  • Views and analyzes all production aspects so you can reduce costs.

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