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This is the inkjet printer we provide as part of a complete product or bundle labeling system. See MiraLABEL and MiraWRAP systems for information on complete systems utilizing this printer. MiraJET is an industrial inkjet print head that can be used for printing addresses or labels directly on papers, products, or bundles during the production process.

Built on Hewlett Packard Inkjet technology, the MiraJET printer is a high-resolution, three-cartridge system that supports up to 1.5-inch print area. This modern design eliminates the need for solvent solution and the tedious and messy cleaning procedures common with other systems. Economical bulk-ink bladders are also available. The manual cleaning and capping feature has a gasket-lined cover to seal the heads when not in use to prevent damage by the paper dust and debris so common in newspaper packaging centers.

MiraJET Inkjet Printing Head

  • Manual-sealing print unit keeps heads clean from paper dust and debris in your packaging environment.
  • Economical ink that does not require solvents.
  • Inkjet print unit with three-HP45 cartridges for 1-1/2 inch print area.

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