Get control of your insert orders, inventory, and inserting production schedule

No more frantic searches to find “missing” inserts in your warehouse. Eliminate customer refunds due to missing or incorrect inserts.

Miracom has designed this new insert planning and inventory system to meet the demanding needs of newspaper production facilities. Today’s print centers must produce more titles delivered to more zones, often with the same equipment and staff. These increasing needs clearly require better automation and planning tools.

While most competitive systems require significant up-front capital for costly in-house servers, restrictive software licenses, and regular capital investments in upgrades, Miracom’s insert production planning and inventory systems are available as a software as a service (SAAS) offering. This eliminates almost all of the capital expenditure, reduces support staff, and provides for continual upgrades without the need for additional capital or disruption of business. As long as your users have an Internet connected device with browser capabilities, they can access the system. This includes PCs, MACs, tablets, and other hand-held devices.

MiraPACKAGE Systems: Planning, Production, and Inventory​

  • Allows easy receiving and tracking of many versions of similar inserts.
  • Efficiently plans and schedules for multiple inserting machines.
  • Uses non-proprietary work stations and peripherals that you may already own.
  • Easy to use and designed with your plant floor personnel.
  • Cost effective. No need to purchase, maintain, and constantly upgrade internal servers and network infrastructure.
  • Unlimited users without purchasing additional licenses.

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