Easy, affordable track & trace software with serialization and unlimited levels of aggregation

MiraTRACE is our cloud-based software system that provides traceability, product integrity, anti-counterfeiting and brand protection when paired with MiraJET or another inline printer and MiraSCAN or other print verification equipment. MiraTRACE provides a complete history of your products from raw materials, through WIP and finished goods. Store this data locally, then upload to the cloud. Download and view the data on any Web-enabled device anytime, anywhere — without special hardware. Export data to Excel or .csv file to generate a wide range of standard and custom reports on any order, customer, inventory item, or shipment.

MiraTRACE assigns and tracks unique product and package identifiers (serialization) through unlimited levels of aggregation and your entire production, packaging, and distribution process. MiraJET (or your own inline printer) serializes the package, and MiraSCAN (or your existing scanner system) verifies the accuracy and readability of the serialization to ensure brand protection and prevent counterfeiting.

MiraTRACE Applications

  • For pharmaceutical products, track & trace capabilities are essential to comply with FDA regulations for e-pedigree or the Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA).
  • For food and nutraceuticals, track & trace capabilities save precious time and money in the event of a product recall. New Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements for tech-enabled traceability are expected soon. With MiraTRACE, you’ll be ready.

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