​Save labor costs, production time, and money by printing directly onto your publication as an inline operation

The MiraLABEL inkjet control system from Miracom can help you improve productivity and cut costs in your addressing and labeling applications by printing on papers or packages. The MiraLABEL system imports your address files and then formats and prints labels that can include postal barcodes and/or indicia. The system can control the rotation and eject of stackers for sorting, and can interface directly to the inserter controls for verified and accurate zone counts in real time.

Built on Hewlett Packard Inkjet technology, the MiraJET printer eliminates the need for solvent solution and the tedious and messy cleaning procedures common with other systems. Economical bulk-ink bladders are available.

Off-line systems are also available.

MiraLABEL Systems​

  • Can print address, bar code, and indicia information direct on papers and packages.
  • Can optionally control stacker turn and eject to make clean zone or postal route carrier breaks.
  • Economical ink that does not require solvents.
  • Spraying direct on paper saves the cost of label material.
  • Manual-sealing print unit keeps heads clean from paper dust and debris in your packaging environment.
  • Can interface with MiraSERT inserter controls for more accurate control of labeling zones and micro-zones.

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